A film by Franck Villette


  • 19th Kansas City LGBT Film Festival « Out Here Now » 2018 (Kansas City – United States)
  • 5th Pride Film Festival of Chicago « Summer Shorts » 2018 (Chicago – United States)
  • 29th Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 2018 (Hong Kong – Chine)
  • 1st Queerbee LGBT Film Festival 2019 (Londres – United Kindom)
  • 23rd LGBTQ Film Festival « Chéries-Chéris » 2017 (Paris – France)
  • The Night of Short-Film « Film Club » (Vélizy – France)
  • Short Film Corner 2018 (Cannes – France)



One little guy decided to meet Prince Charming, and then there were two.

There were two, and three, and up to ten. Till the day when…

Ten little friends came together again. One of them met the wrong kind of person, and then there were nine. Nine little friends…



© Music : META MEAT et 2kilos &More


Screen certificate: 147310           


Country of production: France           

Year of production: 2017

Running time: 10 minutes 19 seconds           


Sound: Stéréo

Shooting format: HD digital H264           

Aspect ratio: 16/9

Film language: French           

Subtitles: English           



  • Ferdinand Mélique
  • Jules Tozi
  • Stan Briche
  • Jules Vallauri
  • Laurent Cotillard
  • Mike Fédée
  • Yannick Kiervel
  • Thiago Monte
  • Jinxuan Mao
  • Fred Lapinsonnière

Voice-over: Franck Villette


Director / Screenplay: Franck Villette

First assistant director: Romy Engels

Director of photography: Olivier Brauman

Script: Johann G.Louis, Marie Barbaza

Electrician supervisor: Julien Saglio

Electrician / Grip: Romain Clugery

Sound: Nicolas Joosep

Set decorator: Jules Vallauri

Costumes: Vera Scroggins, Fabrice Fernandez-Lopez

Make-up artist: Jonathan Amador           

Make-up: Mouna Benouhoud

Catering: Antoinette Villette

Editing: Franck Villette           

Color grading: David Chantoiseau

Sound mixer: Benjamin Villette

VFX: Geoffrey Kenner           

Music: 2Kilos &More, Meta Meat, voiceOver

Artistic adviser, film poster, subtitles: Sébastien Salbayre

Production: Franck Villette, Les Films Avenir


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